Saturday, 9 February 2008

The Funniest Sites On The Internet


Ever wonder where all of the lolcats come from?

Icanhascheezburger is a hilarious site that organises and tags the funniest pictures of user-generated lolcats and other lol-animals. They even have a lolbuilder where users can caption a picture and submit it. Lolspeak is not required but is obviously recommended because WE NEED MOAR LULZ!

How to build a lolcat:
  • Go to icanhascheezburger’s lolcat builder.

  • You can then either upload your own picture or choose one to caption from the gallery.
  • Write a caption.

  • Submit it!
  • If you are lucky your lolcat may be put on the voting page and then possibly on the home page.

Site: icanhascheezburger


Do you has a hot Dog?

Ihasahotdog was created by the powers that be over at icanhascheezburger but for dogs. When asked why lolcats and loldogs speak the same language they reply:

“As it is early on, we think it r natural that the loldog is derived from lolcat and that the true loldog dialect will branch out with grammar and rules. Only time and loldog creations will tell!”

^That's pretty deep, man.

There is, of course, a loldog builder and to create and submit it is the same process as over at icanhascheezburger.


The Best Page In The Universe

The Best Page in the Universe is a personal site kept by self-proclaimed pirate ‘Maddox’. This site all started when he wrote about 50 things that pissed him off.

The layout of the site is pretty minimalistic and he states the reason being to save costs on bandwidth. Maddox’s banner is of a bust of Che Guevara with Maddox’s face on it and in the image he is wearing an eye patch and donning a beret emblazoned with the Jolly Roger.

Maddox also has an online store which sells merchandise such as stickers, hooded sweatshirts, and t-shirts with controversial messages such as "For every animal you don't eat, I'm going to eat three" and "Littering kicks ass.”

Maddox’s site is free of advertisements and the reason for that is because “I want to say whatever I want to without having to worry about offending advertisers".

So what does Maddox write about?
Pop culture mainly. Oh, and masculinity. His guide to masculinity is also available and is titled The Alphabet of Manliness. Some great pages for you to have a look through on Maddox’s site include “The iPhone is a piece of shit, and so is your face”, “Fashion tips for women from a guy who knows dick about fashion”, “One thing that PC users can do that Mac users can’t”, “How to kill yourself like a man” and many more.

Another great thing about Maddox's website is the hate mail page where people who are offended by his posts email him and he puts his reply (which is always pretty damn funny)

Site: The Best Page In The Universe

I think i need to get something cleared up before i talk about Engrish. Engrish is not in any way a website that is created to have a dig at any of the people from across the world. After all, English is said to be the most complicated language...

So what is displays a collection of hundreds of incorrect variations of the English language. There are many categorys on which include Signs, Product Packaging and Buildings.

There's not a lot i can say really about as it speaks for itself. So here's an example:


Hope this list has found some ways to make you laugh!

Other funny sites:
Mullets Galore
Funny or Die
You're The Man Now Dog!


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