Monday, 30 June 2008

How To: SNES and NES Nintendo DS Emulators

Want to play some classic games? Read on.

To be honest, this is a relatively simple way to play SNES and NES games on your Nintendo DS. What you will need though, is a homebrew compatible Nintendo DS card such as an R4DS, M3 DS or DS-Xtreme.

Now, there is a readme file included within the downloadable archive but i'll show you the general process here too.

When you have downloaded the archive from the link provded, you will have to extract the contents with a program such as WinRAR.

When you have done this, you will have the files 'README', 'snemul.cfg', 'NES' folder and 'SNES' folder.

What you have to do is copy the folders to the root of your Nintendo DS homebrew card. You also have to copy snemul.cfg into the root of the card.

You can then insert the card into your Nintendo DS and select which emulator you would like to use. Both of which are located in the labelled folder.

When the emulator had loaded, you can select which game you would like to play from the list of ROMs that are in the folder (there are a few included)

There you have it! You can now play SNES and NES games on your Nintendo DS. The good thing about it is that all of the ROMs that i have tried have worked (Street Fighter, Zelda, etc)

ROMs Included:

SNES - Castlevania - Dracula X, Super Mario All-Stars, Super R-Type, X-Men - Mutant Apocalypse
NES - Arkanoid, Burger Time, Contra, Galaga

The following sites are where you can download other ROMs for SNES and NES:

If you are having any troubles, or the download link for the emulators have expired, post a comment and i will help/re-upload.

Download Link (Emulators)
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