Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Portable Applications

Thought i'd do this post because like many of you i'm sure, can't live without certain applications that you need to use from wherever you are. This is now made easy through the use of portable applications which can be stored on a USB Flash Drive. I'll post a list of useful ones and you can feel free to use the comment box to also show your own recommendations.

Development Tools:

  • Dev-C++ - This application allows you to edit code wherever you are (of course). The environment is extremely similar to the Microsoft Visual Studio one.
  • Notepad++ - Free source code editor.


  • GIMP - A feature-rich environment where you can create and edit digital graphics and photographs.
  • Blender - 3D animation program.


  • Open Office - Word processor, spreadsheet and presentations with Microsoft compatibility.
  • Foxit Reader - PDF Viewer
  • AbiWord - Word processor that is also compatible with Microsoft Word files.


Music and Video:

Operating Systems: